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John McGurk / Belfast Telegraph | October 30 2006

A CHART-TOPPING rock star has admitted how the IRA murder of his uncle has inspired his fascination with conspiracy theories and world terrorism.

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy - whose band plays in Belfast on Saturday - revealed how his Army officer uncle was shot dead, outside Springfield Road RUC station in west Belfast.

The 28-year-old Muse lead singer and guitarist was only 16-months-old, when Duke of Wellington regiment warrant officer, David Bellamy was killed in a hail of 30 bullets, during the IRA ambush in October 1979.

But the singer revealed to US radio listeners how the murder of his uncle has influenced his alternative thinking on who is behind worldwide acts of terror.

Bellamy controversially believes that the 9/11 bombings in the USA and the London bombing last July were the result of government or high-powered dirty tricks.

Said the Cambridge-born singer: "I think 9/11 was definitely an inside job, done by a group of high-powered people, looking for an excuse to invade the Middle East for oil and other natural resources."

Asked for his views on the terror attacks, Bellamy told KLBJ radio presenter and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones: "I agree with your theory on 'False Flag' (covert state) operations.

"I have always had a personal interest in this, because my uncle - my dad's brother - was actually killed by the IRA.

"For all of my life, I've always kind of looked at terrorist acts and looked at them from two different angles and thought 'well, is this the real thing, or are we being manipulated to believe something - to devalue a certain organisation's cause?'."

And he told Jones, who believes that many terrorist attacks are secretly carried out by governments: "I agree with you on the assessment of September 11.

"Whether it was completely made to happen, or it was allowed to happen, I'm not quite sure, as to which of those two it is.

"But I think there is definitely a lot of evidence - a lot of questions that need to be asked, questions that need to be answered."

Bellamy - whose mum, Marilyn hails from Belfast - and his band, Muse are at the Odyssey Arena on Saturday.

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