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9/11 Truth Dubbed 'Racist' by Controlled Left Protesters
Speaker calls Bilderberg, Masonry and 9/11 'Under the Bed' Conspiracies; Claims Real Problem is Systematic Racism Perpetrated by 'Ruling Elites'


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Matt Conner / Jones Report | January 30, 2007

This past Saturday, January 27, we witnessed the 'organized left' engaged in what can only be defined as blatant gate keeping and the co-opting of a legitimate, grass roots Anti-war movement. Local activists in Austin, Texas typically conduct a 9/11 Truth protest weekly on the steps of the state capital, where often coincide with anti-war protests.

In this instance, the 'organized left' speakers at the anti-war protest made direct effort to ostracize 9/11 Truth and to make immigration and gay rights issues part of the anti-war agenda.

also on Google Video

One such anti-war speaker made a point of naming elite organizations, referring to both the Masons and the Bilderberg group and decrying them as 'under-the-bed' conspiracies, yet went on to claim that the 'Ruling Elite' was using racism to divide us all.

This speaker went on to mock the 9/11 Truth movement, classifying the cause as 'racist.'

Citizens from all sides of the political spectrum come together to speak out and demand the truth about 9/11; however, this weekend the organized, controlled left conducted our local version of the large-scale events in Washington, D.C., and other around the country. With speakers from such leftist groups as the "Southwest Workers Union" (complete with Che Guevara t-shirts) and the "Anti-Racist Action League," it was clear that 9/11 Truth was the black sheep of the day.

As the 9/11 Truthers were being interviewed by local news media, a "spokesperson" from the anti-war march made it clear to news crews that "they are in no way associated with us."

I personally heard statement of "I hate those 9/11 people, they are all racists."

The anti-war rally was once again transformed into pro-immigrant and anti-racist slogan chanting and leftist drum circles.

Some would say the idea that the left suppresses our message is a 'conspiracy theory.' However, this is not the case, this is a cabal of like-minded people who have a common goal of pushing only their own ideas and denouncing any information that would require them to modify their beliefs.

But if we set personal beliefs and values aside for a moment, we can see that immigration and gay rights issues have no tenable link to the war, while 9/11 is clearly tied to the war in a real way-- it was the carte-blanche justification for both the open-ended 'War on Terror' as well as pursuing the weak links to Afghanistan and Iraq.

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