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Jones Report | June 27, 2007


Details are forthcoming, but photos have been released of an effigy taken from out of the Bohemian Grove that is used annually in the 'Cremation of Care' ritual-- a mock human sacrifice featuring this skeletal prop, typically performed on July 15.

Alex Jones, who snuck into the Grove in 2000 and filmed the Cremation of Care sacrifice, identified these photos as either an "accurate replica" or the real thing. Photos of the Care effigy also appear in Jones' film The Order of Death which were taken by an employee who works in the Grove.

These photos were posted on with only this brief and mysterious explanation:

The skeleton of the effigy of "Care," scheduled to be sacrificed by the Bohemian Grove coven on July 15, was liberated by a freedom fighter last week.

Indeed, this skeleton effigy looks like the metal frame effigy filmed secretly and show in The Order of Death.


The footage of a wooden effigy taken at Bohemian Grove and shown in Order of Death also shows a skeletal effigy behind the wooden version (look closely below).

This is at least the third irregular communique coming out of the Grove in only the past few months, as Alex Jones received a bizarre call in the middle of the night from a number that caller ID listed as Bohemian Grove. The Infowars office also received the 2006 member roster for the Bohemian Club anonymously.

Now, someone has apparently snuck out the iconic effigy or pretended to. Whether more information will be revealed about this bizarre development remains to be seen.

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