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Texas Ranger’s Child Rape Investigation Stymied:
Sgt. Brian Burzynski of Ward County repeatability had inquiries into Texas Youth Commission child sex scandal thwarted on local, state, and Federal levels.


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Trevor Travis / JonesReport | March 27,2007


AUSTIN - Roughly 50 miles of desolate sun scorched interstate lie between the West Texas State School in Pyote and Midland, Texas, and as anyone who traversed the vast area called west Texas will attest to, 50 miles is a blink of the eye.


 Consequently House Speaker Tom Craddick (R-Midland) revealed his overt proximity to the issue on Wednesday March 21.  In a cowardly yet expected show Craddick sustained an asinine point of order brought forth by Rep. Larry Phillips (R-Sherman). Essentially stalling House Bill 427 for at least another week while it is sent back to the House Criminal Justice Committee.


This bill was adopted 75-63 respectively before the objection.


The legislation in question would establish a special prosecutor to support and coordinate with local prosecutors, who would investigate and prosecute the reports of far reaching sexual misconduct allegations and the ensuing cover-up in the Texas Youth Commission.


House Rule 4, Section 32 (the basis of the point of order) deals with contents of committee reports and bill analysis. The technical point of order called for by Rep. Larry Phillips is unheard of on such urgent forms of legislation. Apparently the second paragraph of a two paragraph bill analysis had one or two omitted words leading to the objection. 


House Democratic Leader Jim Dunnam (D-Waco) had this to say on Craddick’s sudden and curious attention to mundane details… "I simply cannot believe that Speaker Craddick - who has played fast and loose with the House Rules for four years - chose to allow a minor technical flaw to get in the way of protecting our children."


Have they lost sight of the fact that these are detained, defenseless, and in most cases underage boys being systematically tortured sexually?  One can not help but conjure up the contents of Military Commissions Act 2006. Who knows… maybe these 10-19 year old wards of the state are “unlawful enemy combatants”, thus legitimizing their subsequent sexual torture.  Eat your heart out Alberto Gonzalez. 


This poignant and repulsive story, all began in the sleepy town of Pyote at the West Texas State School, yet the implications reach all the way to Washington D.C. 


In 2005 Sgt. Brian Burzynski, a Texas Ranger, began investigating allegations of sexual misconduct when tipped off by a teacher working at the Pyote facility.  


In the following months Burzynski proceeded to email the Ward County District Attorney Randall Reynolds his findings in hopes of widening his investigation, but to no avail.


The Texas Ranger had this to say about his mounting frustrations- "In short, I had to file it with the local DA that I didn't want to in the beginning…He hasn't done anything with it and I am losing hope that he will before the statute of limitations expires."


Then Burzynski emailed Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton and U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.


All denied that enough evidence to prosecute existed, when clearly Sgt. Burzynski had acquired a more than adequate supply of testimony and evidence.


In one well documented incident Ray Brookins, one of the guards implicated was proven to have 12 infractions related to work activities.  How did the Texas Youth Commission handle this?  Promote him to security director and transfer him to the Pyote facility.


Within two months of his transfer, other staff members began reporting that Brookins would talk to boys in his office at night.  Brookins insisted he was counseling the boys, and no further investigation took place.


In later claims, the staff members illicitly stated that Brookins and the acting principle John Paul Hernandez were spending time in their offices with the boys, the blinds closed and lights off.  Yet again the reports went uninvestigated.


Later that year in September 2004 a 17 year old youth came forward and claimed Brookins had watched him shower, and made inappropriate advances towards him.

A month later Brookins was named the acting superintendent, rewarded once again.  


Staff members continued complaining about Brookins night time activities with the children. 


In a confidential report obtained by the Austin American Statesmen the staff members, including teachers stated that Brookins was-engaging in sexual conversations with youth, showing youth pornographic movies and materials, touching youth, performing unwarranted and inappropriate strip-searches, making provocative comments, watching students shower."


This egregious claim of a lack of competent evidence is actually coming from the likes of Johnny Sutton, the same attorney who prosecuted Sheriff Gil Hernandez for violating the American Civil rights of an illegal alien. That is sadly not an oxymoron, simply the precedent in which Hernandez is being incarcerated in Federal prison.  


Mexican national, Marciela Rodriguez Garcia was struck in the face by a bullet fragment fired by Hernandez, after the crew drug smugglers attempted to run Hernandez over and flee the traffic stop.  He has been sentenced to 1 year in Federal prison currently.


If this happened with an American citizen, ask yourself if a 1 year prison term would be handed down to the officer.  Keep in mind how a former Sheriff will be treated inside a Federal correctional facility.


A sex scandal historically is no doubt a headline grabber.  The typical American numb to all else, will surely read or watch anything pertaining to a sex scandal.  That said, ladies and gentlemen we must harness this opportunity to illustrate clearly to citizens still sleeping that this is not an isolated occurrence.  We must connect the dots, and begin to layout that child rape in state run schools is merely a symptom of a far more ominous threat. 


Inform anyone you can of the 3,000 missing children in Florida, operation Finder, the CIA and DynCorp child trafficking rings, that pedophiles statistically operate from within the system,  give them NO OPTION but to internalize the direct correlation of these incidents.  Show them that a culture of child abuse and pedophilia is actively promoted and rewarded by government officials, high ranking staff from the Child Protective Services, and now the Texas Youth Commission. 


The very same people entrusted protect our youth are methodically reigning down atrocities one can equate with Caligula upon our future generations.  This is clearly by design; anyone with an analytical bone in their body can draw that conclusion.  Do your part and attempt to spark the intuitive feeling present in most Americans that something is amiss, and things are not alright.   

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