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Gaza Land Theft Enforced by Terrorizing, Firing at Mourning Palestinians
Tactics Illustrate Psychological Warfare Used By Israeli Forces | July 25, 2006

Israelis bulldoze Palestinian homes all the time, often in the name of denying cover to the terrorists. In reality, the government is simply seizing property owned by ordinary citizens. Though this routine act is devasting to Palestinian people, it is the horror of using machine guns mounted in the bulldozers taking the homes that reveals the true viciousness of the Israeli government.

People were deliberately terrorized. Actually firing at the memorial service for Rachel Corrie shows that Palestinian life is not valued in Gaza. Gunfire over civilian heads served no other purpose than to shock and torment peaceful people who were, contrastly, engaged in remembering a victim of the same cruel tyranny.

The Israeli government claimed that Rachel Corrie, an American, died due to her dangerous and 'illegal' protest, though many feel that she was murdered outright by the Israeli operating the bulldozer.

Thousands of houses have been taken without compensation, paving the way neither for consideration of life nor property. In many cases, Palestinians must still pay off mortgages for homes that are taken by the Israeli government and bulldozed over. Many Palestinians have little recourse other than to defend in vain the home they put so much into.

Not only is property stolen, but resistance is threatened with certain violence. And it happens every day in the Gaza strip. The same outrage is happening in the U.S., as the Supreme Court rules that property can be taken without just compensation.

The Halper family had their 75-acre New Jersey property stolen in early July. The land was seized under the guise of open-space preservation by armed government agents. The Piscataway, New Jersey government not only took the land without compensation, but will charge the family over $5 million for "clean-up" targeted at the plots of land allegedly polluted by the horses on the land.

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