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Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | October 24 2006

Controversial and prolific author, political commentator and essayist Gore Vidal is assured that the military's growing revulsion at the Bush junta's policies would ensure they would try and prevent any false flag staged terror attack, while slamming the end of Habeas Corpus and the administration's coup de 'tat of America on a nationally syndicated radio broadcast.

Speaking with the Alex Jones Show, Vidal decried the end of the foundational bedrock of "due process of law," and expressed his astonishment at the recent loss of Habeas Corpus with the passage of the Military Commissions Act, the most egregious assault on the Constitution since the USA Patriot Act of 2001.

"Wow - I didn't think I'd live as long to see that one go, that's Magna Carta - the spirit of Runnymede runs no longer in our republic," said Vidal.

Vidal stressed that the framework for the USA Patriot Act was erected with Bill Clinton's Omnibus Crime Bill, a massive expansion of offenses that would mandate the death penalty, passed in the immediate aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Vidal predicted within the next two years, "the bankruptcy of the United States of America," citing vast unchecked payments to corporations like Halliburton and spiraling inflation.

Labeling the Bush administration's legacy as a "coup de 'tat in which we lost the republic," the literary giant slammed Bush's claim that he is a "wartime President" and thus has a blank check to run roughshod over the constitution.

"You have to have a country to have a war and you cannot have a war unless declared by Congress - which they will not do."

"They've got a mantra now which is totally incredible - 'if we don't fight them over there, we'll have to fight them over here' - well how the hell are they going to get here and to what end? These are questions which you could shut these people up if there was any media to attack or if there was a Congress capable of oversight," said Vidal, comparing the mantra to the same scare tactics used by Herman Goering to frighten the Germans into submission under the pretext of an impending Soviet invasion.

Vidal blamed the media for abandoning its duty as the fifth estate and watchdog of power monopolies.

"Our greatest difficulty at the moment is that our media is totally corrupted - starting with the New York Times - the media belongs to our rulers."

"In the old days when something ghastly went wrong you could count on journalists writing something about it....there are no voices expressing disagreement, " said Vidal.

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He related how he appeared on a CBS television morning discussion show shortly after the Oklahoma City Bombing to discuss the motivations of Timothy McVeigh when mention of the Waco massacre caused the channel to abruptly cut his audio as a result of a military intelligence order to cease the feed.

the controversial figure also predicted the demise of the Internet in stating, "they'll find a way of wrecking it - they cannot have free speech in the United States because free speech will ultimately define them, name them and describe their crime."

While stopping short of claiming the Bush administration directly carried out 9/11, Vidal was certain that they "let it happen on purpose," citing the head of the Pakistani ISI bankrolling the hijackers while also meeting with U.S. government officials in the week before and on the morning of 9/11.

"What made no sense is that CNN wouldn't follow up on why the fighter planes had not been scrambled and gone up to stop the hijacking - that's the law of the land you don't need the President to order you, you don't need a general - those are your instructions - I know, my father wrote them," said Vidal.

When asked if there should be a new investigation of 9/11 Vidal insisted, "of course there should and a wonderful time to do it would be at the impeachment of Bush - I think you might find everything that we ought to know but do not know."

Asked if the Bush administration would go to the lengths of staging a terror attack to smokescreen their scandals, Vidal stated, "they certainly know how to cry wolf....let's say it was on their minds to stage an event - I don't know how they can do it - luckily for us we the people....they've antagonized the entire military I don't think the military would let them."

Despite his dark outlook on the future of freedom, Vidal hinted at a possible reprieve for America.

"I'm beginning to feel that the tide is turning which is the first twinge of optimism I've felt in a long time."


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