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Dubai Going Neo-Babel With Esoteric Temples of Wealth?
Constructing Tallest Building in the World and Owl-Shaped 'Sports City' May Give Clue to Some of the Vested Interest Cropping Up in the Arab Emirate City Now Home to Halliburton and Decadent, Cosmopolitan Life




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Aaron Dykes / | July 23, 2007


Dubai City, Dubai-- Halliburton has moved to town, along with other corporations seeking a haven for global corruption and Dubai is building up its architecture to reflect a decadent, cosmopolitan life-- including the world's new tallest building, the Burj Dubai (still under construction; pic below) and a jock's theme park known as 'Sports City,' which is shaped very clearly like an owl from the angle ESPN Sports captured.

The Burj Dubai, set to be the world's tallest building upon completion, set for 2008 and opening in 2009

It is located nearby the world's tallest hotel, the Burj al-Arab and the restrictive religious customs upheld in the rest of the Arab Emirate state are dismissed here in favor of a good time-- the only holy event here is horse racing-- the world's richest, according to ESPN Sports, and its champion, Crowned Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed, is apparently worshipped like a god (see pic below).

ESPN Sports summed it up like this:

It's modern Dubai in a nutshell. The world's richest horse race, the world's tallest building, artificial islands, Tiger's first golf course, Halliburton's relocation, an Olympic bid, robot camel jockeys (more on those later) … it's all just a matter of imagination, determination and engineering.

Well, that plus low-paid foreign workers, zero taxes and air conditioning.

Donald Trump's International Hotel and Tower,
to be completed in 2009

Is Dubai becoming a neo-Babel-- a world city filled with global collusion and egotistical vanity reaching far into the heavens?

It's bizarre and intriguing architecture sure seems to display some series of esoteric messages-- probably not a good sign in the town where some of the world's worst people go to play.

Dick Cheney making way
in the Arab world

Halliburton Will Move HQ to Dubai

Halliburton's Dubai Move Sparks Outcry from Congress

Michael Jackson surfaces in Dubai; Tours With King of Bahrain's Son

Michael Jackson Looking for Work in UAE

As ESPN Sports advertises, it's only 850 miles from Baghdad and potentially a great place for contractor schmucks and military industrial complex kingpins to stretch their legs and get away from it all.

The accumulating desert oasis even showcases the future-- with robotic camel jockeys at Sports City alongside other gimmicks, like Tiger Woods teeing off from a helipad on the world's tallest hotel.

With the mix of near-slave labor, its pivotal geo-political strategic benefit, and penchant for parading the occult, Dubai could prove to be a real draw for members of the intelligence community, military figureheads, multi-national corporation chiefs and perhaps even retiring Vice-Presidents and other oligarchs.

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