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Toronto Police Redefine Free Speech as 9/11 Truth Voices Gather at U.S. Consulate | September 18, 2007


"Because of the sensitivities of today's date," Toronto police hassled and tried to keep back 9/11 Truthers exercising free speech near the U.S. Consulate offices.

Though the Consulate already had orange cones blocking off the area from unauthorized persons, police insisted the group must arbitrarily cross the street to continue holding their "9/11 is an inside job" banner.

Police even claimed that free speech was not allowed at all without a permit, but that the individual officers were allowing the speech at will, and only on condition the truthers reform across the way.

The generally polite, but freedom destroying police added, "Don't give me a hard time, okay?" The same officers petition the truther to 'be happy in Canada', claiming that Canadians hold more freedoms than anywhere else.


Later, members of the same 9/11 group bullhorned to draw attention to their cause.

A passerby from City TV shouted "Watch Loose Change!"

This prompted the man on the bullhorn to explain that they were there to make the media's job easier by talking about 9/11 Truth, because otherwise the media can't even mention it-- claiming that they would loose their job if they talk about 9/11 Truth.



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