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OrangeFu / YouTube | April 18, 2007


First of all, the VT Campus must choose to honor all those who lost their lives WITH an honest quest for the truth. Secondly, we must not allow the rights of upstanding citizens to be removed by criminals behind closed doors. The fact is that criminals will supply guns and get guns, no matter what laws are passed - and if the police and criminals get all the guns, what happens when a militarized police choose not to uphold the rights of citizens? What happens then?

No doubt most of you will not have a framework to understand evil at it's highest level. Here is a film-set that may help you see what is happening:

The question of whether or not this was a Black Op is not formulated without merit or inside any kind of intellectual vacuum.

A long history of proven intelligence operations, including school shootings, precedes this latest example of what could be another stepped-up effort to overthrow a cornerstone of our founding documents and what has helped to keep this country free - the right to bear and keep arms - the GOD-given right of self-defense and the defense of loved ones against the insane, against criminals, and perhaps again in this case - a controlled operative. If so, it's just another example of creating a crisis, managing the reaction, and forcing a false solution to gain control. Hegel's Dialectic: Thesis, Anti-thesis, Sythesis - or - Problem, Reaction, Solution.

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