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Matt Kazee / | April 18, 2007

Paul Rodgers witnessed a "roll playing drill" at just after 7:00pm EST on April 18, 2007.

3 men were seen running from campus 2 of which were USMC with ear pieces and one with a hand held. They were chasing a man with a white t-shirt and a bookbag.


They ran from campus and down Turner Street in front of the Boston Beanery. The USMC were ramming their shoulders into the man with the white t-shirt and book bag. Paul ran in my house and told me and I didnt beleive him so I ran out to look and I saw three or maybe four men running almost out of site.

Paul told me to get my camera...and I was asking him if it looked like they were trying to arrest him and he said "It looked like a drill" I was still unsure of what if anything was going I ran to where I could see near the scene and saw a state trooper with lights on and a grey van with SWAT getting out and I feared the worst. I ran as fast as I could and got my video camera and ran straight to the State Trooper to tell him of what was witnessed.

The school president had a threat earlier and I got a bit scared. I just witnessed the worst killing in American history and lost a dear friend, Julia Pryde who was a local activist. I ran to alert the media... this is the first of many videos to come.

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