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9/11 Truth Saturates The Hague After Previous Attempts to Stifle Speech | September 17, 2007


Truth action in The Hague, Netherlands saturated the downtown area with flyers, signs and a number of demonstrators surrounding the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Demonstrators wore bright, colorful t-shirts raising awareness about 9/11 truth and handed out DVDs to masses of people.

These 9/11 Truth demonstrations come less than a month after three demonstrators were hassled by police in The Hague for wearing 9/11 truth shirts and prohibited from continuing.

Edward Greve told the Alex Jones Show in August that he and two friends were "kicked off the streets" by a group of police officers who insisted that they needed permits to wear their bright yellow t-shirts reading "Heronderzoek 9/11" or "Investigate 9/11." Greve said that, while two of the three officers were even sympathetic to 9/11 truth, the third officer was "a bit more rough and tried to intimidate us with fines to leave the scene immediately."

"The rougher of the three even commanded that we take off our shirts and throw away the sign... the other two realized this was unreasonable and allowed us to walk back to the train station - so long as we kept the sign low to the ground and not high enough to be read," Greves said.

The previous assault on free speech in the Netherlands has apparently back-fired as the demonstrators have now expanded in number and continue to spread questions about the truth of the attacks to more and more people worldwide. 


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