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Jones Report | August 17, 2006

Austin-based Unitarian Pastor Davidson Loehr has been questioning 9/11 and standing up against the lies of the government's official story for years.

He is now known for a February 12, 2006 sermon in which he accused the Bush administration of orchestrating the the September 11 attacks.

Loehr delivered a sermon regarding 9/11 as early as September 16, 2001, but from a rather different perspective. Loehr utilized his first sermon in a 'post-9/11' world to highlight the effects of "blowback"--consequences for the adverse effects of U.S. foreign policy from the eyes of many foreign nations, particularly in the Mid-East region.

Loehr's focus shifted on 9/11, but the subject remained an important one in his ministry. In his November 7, 2004 sermon entitled "Living Under Fascism," he stated that "I don't believe anyone can understand the past four years without reading the Project for a New American Century (PNAC)."

He has been a significant force in exposing the official lies regarding September 11 and continues to parlay to his church members information supporting that controversial view of those infamous attacks.

Those views reportedly divided some members of his church, who were said to walk out during Loehr's accusations against the Bush administration.

On August 2, 2006, Pastor Loehr presented Alex Jones' Martial Law 9/11 to crowd of about 200 people, some of which were members of his church and many who were simply members of the community. He prefaced the film by speaking about the activism of Alex Jones and giving background information on the government involvement with 9/11. That discussion can be viewed below.

Pastor Davidson Loehr has previously been covered by and published in both the Austin-American Statesman (login required) and the Austin Chronicle. He was named "Austin's Best Minister/Spiritual Leader" by the Austin Chronicle in 2005, which is based upon votes by readers of the publication.

Loehr is the author of the book America, Fascism + God: Sermons from a Heretical Preacher published in 2005.

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