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One More Victim of Thought Crime in China
Beijing officially arrests Gao Zhisheng with the bogus charge of "inciting subversion of state power"


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The Epoch Times | October 16 2006

On October 12, Beijing authorities officially charged attorney Gao Zhisheng with inciting subversion, his lawyer said. Mo Shaoping who represents Gao learned from the Beijing Procuratorate on Thursday that Gao was formally arrested on September 21. For over 20 days, Mo had repeatedly contacted Beijing law enforcement departments but received no answer until October 12. Gao's family did not receive any official notice as well.

Since Gao's arrest on August 15, Beijing police have rejected Mo's application to meet with his client citing various reasons including "involving state secrets". On October 9, Mo sent a written notice to the police demanding an answer in writing regarding "the exact charges of Gao's arrest" and "which legal stage the case was currently in".

Hu Jia, a rights advocator and Gao's friend, said that according to the communist regime's law, in all cases, such basic information requested by Mo should be provided to the lawyer. However, no written answer was received and Beijing police have breached this law.

Mo also said that the charge of "inciting subversion of state power" could not be involved with "state secrets". Mo has submitted another application to request a meeting with Gao.

According to Hu, Gao could be labeled as a "ring leader and extremist", and could face a heavy sentence up to 15 years in prison.

Hu said Gao's case was an example of how "the State Power uses mafia means to construct a 'harmonious society' before the 2008 Olympic Games."

Gao's case is part of the communist regime's recent effort to silent democratic movements inside mainland China. Besides Gao, many other Chinese rights advocators, such as blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng and Guangdong province human rights lawyer Guo Feixiong, were either sentenced or arrested.

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