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Amy Goodman Supports a New 9/11 Investigation
But did the Democracy Now Host Witness a Countdown for WTC7 Implosion? | September 17, 2007


WeAreChange Colorado caught Amy Goodman just before a speech, to ask if she would support a new investigation of 9/11.

"Oh, I think what happened on 9/11 needs to be much further investigated," she told cameras briefly.


The Democracy Now! radio host is seen on video running from WTC Building 7 and may have heard a countdown prior to its collapse.

First responder Kevin McPadden reports that he was within a block or so of Amy Goodman's location when he heard the countdown for implosion through a Red Cross radio just before he was told to "run for your life" by a Red Cross worker. He says a large number of people in the proximity of Goodman started running prior to the collapse and very-likely heard the countdown being broadcast over radio units.


At this point in time, it is not clear whether or not Goodman heard such a countdown or whether she has reported on that important element, but it is reassuring to know she is willing to support a further investigation.


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