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Rosie Blog Bubbling With Discussion of 9/11 Truth Guests
O'Donnell Reveals Physics Experts "Booked" to Discuss WTC Collapses; Answers Questions on Building 7, Marvin Bush, Melting Steel and Confirms That She Has Alex Jones' DVDs




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JonesReport | May 16, 2007


Rosie O'Donnell continues to exhibit tremendous courage in raising questions and facilitating questions on The View-- when windows of opportunity arise. She has recently brought up WTC Building 7's mysterious collapse again on the show, and debated resident neo-con Elisabeth Hasselback on the melting point of steel (Hasselback, for one, claims steel is "weakened" at 275 F).

Now Rosie has mentioned that Marvin Bush-- brother of the President-- ran security at the World Trade Center on September 11 and has otherwise exploded discussion of 9/11 questions in the Ask Ro section of her blog.

Rosie also announced-- by way of answering a number of related questions-- that a show featuring experts to discuss the collapses at the World Trade Center "has been booked."

She responds to suggestions that Professor Steven E. Jones and David Ray Griffin appear on the show with "ok" and "good idea."

Has Been Booked

Of course, she has been engaged in a tug-of-war over getting mentions of 9/11 Truth on the show and has resorted, in some cases, to blurting out encapsulating statements during live shows and negotiating for such discussions during taped shows (typically, Thursdays are live). So plans for Steven Jones or other such guests may well be tentative.

Steven Jones

In other instances, Rosie simply posts suggestions that she google various details or anomalies regarding the attacks or the cover-up apparent in the aftermath-- enabling her fans to also receive that tips and consider all the evidence.

Hard to believe, but you are not always right

One person comments "hard to believe but u are not always right." Rosie's response is admirable: "I know I am not always right, but bringing up the topic for discussion is always right."

Alex Jones DVDs

O'Donnell even admits to have DVDs from the Alex Jones' collection. Truth is on the march. Look out for more from Rosie in the near future.

Melting pointPopular Mechanics coup

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