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Erin S. Myers / 911Blogger | April 16, 2007

Mr. Jeff Long introducing Mr. David Arquette, yet another confirmed 'truther' with his bumper stickers, DVDs, and more great truth swag.

"This is gonna be big, isn't it? You guys did all this through the internet too, didn't you."

Clearly (wink)... Mr. Arquette was referring to how the 9/11 truth movement has managed against extraordinary odds; to investigate, network, locate like-minded skeptics of fishy government stories, and coordinate logistics into countless decentralized groups and face to face meet-ups all over the planet.

With digital cameras and snappy phones, MP3 audio recorders no bigger than a key fob, movie cameras for 3 quick C notes, countless cheap keystrokes making unstoppable file sharing and a tidy sum of ever-improving web pages... a ubiquitous internet which the enemy is as dependent on, as we are not... turning the net AND Sun Tzu's Art of War itself (one of their favorite books) against this enemy... is sweat irony indeed.

Without a lick of help from The Main Stream Media, 9/11 truth and justice has created more honest multi-media and blog content, than Field Commander MC Turd Blossom and a hundred Intelligence Divisions of highly paid propagandists could ever repel. All the while, boldly defying blatant intimidation attempting to chill free speech, assembly, and ultimately... the linch-pin of constitutional law... the people's inalienable right to a redress of our most dire grievances in this matter.

He didn't really say all that, but by his surprised reception and clearly instantaneous recognition of who and what Jeff Long and I represented... I'll happily hear such words between those few actually spoken by Mr. Arquette. This was no drive-by truth shooting... surrounded by many friends and fellow movie-goers milling about in the lobby after the show, we spent [had] enough time to highlight a few good points about Loose Change, 911 Mysteries, Dr. David Ray Griffin in Copenhagen, and the blizzard of disinformation surrounding the 911 subject attempting to kick us off the trail (yeah, as if).

Fortuitous, what can happen from just a phone call late in the afternoon to the point of tap tap tapping this very article as we travel down 95 from Baltimore, back to DC. Wave to the NSA as we pass through Ft. Mead... (those hacks).

Undoubtedly comfortable standing and visiting with we rabble, David Arquette and company premiered their new film on Sunday evening at the iconic Senator Theater. Dating from 1939, The Senator in unabashedly blue collar Baltimore, made a great venue for this political/slasher-horror/comedy with a lively and participatory crowd... especially, as the damsel finally took hammer in hand and bashed away at the head of Ronald Reagan.

Mixed with a continuous stream of jabs, hatchets and axe blows against war mongers, self-serving small town politicians with an "earned" U.S. Flag on the lapel, to the political shenanigans of "W" himself as "worst president ever" and human flesh devouring pig... that's not even the bloody stuff.

Without a doubt, this was likely a fantastic film crew, cast and set to work on... with the good times, laughs, and hard hitting commentary just getting started. During the end credits with back visuals of our most detestable modern ass-clowns fronting public office, the audience picked up the applause as we were reminded of three odd-men-out for not being quite like the others; The Dali Lama, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King representing more principled words to talk and walk... Waiting, Watching and Dreaming.

Evident by the constant modern American political references running concurrent with every joke and slasher swing in the film, the anti-Reagan Years speech playing over the credits capped a marvelous collection of deeper knowledge and research of that era all the way up to a careful, but damn funny, deference for the painful reality of today's Bushit. For a silly slasher/horror set among the great redwoods of northern California, poking good fun at the holdouts of anachronistic hippy culture.... "The Tripper" by David Arquette, is no slouch along the road with 9/11 Truth into a better world we can and will make.

Check out Jeff's nifty 9/11 collection here:

"The Tripper" movie here:

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