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Why The Media Blackout of Denzel Washington's Extraordinary Gift to a Texas Military Hospital? Simple!

Bruce B. Brown / | November 14, 2007


Denzel Washington and his family were recently visiting the troops at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, a major facility for wounded soldiers who've been transported back from Germany. Especially burn victims.

Brook has guest houses where soldiers' families can stay for little or no charge while their son or daughter is undergoing reconstructive surgery. There are quite a few of these on base and they are almost always filled to capacity.

Denzel Washington was given a tour of one of these houses. He asked how much one of them would cost to build. Then he took out his checkbook out and wrote a check for the full amount of a new guest house - right on the spot.

Overseas soldiers were amazed to hear this story and wanted to get the word out to the American public because Washington's generosity had moved them deeply. But the media wouldn't oblige them.

Apart from a story in the metro section of the local San Antonio paper, the national news media chose to cover up the movie star's exemplary generosity. Why?


They're under orders to conceal the true number of wounded soldiers from the Iraq war, not to mention the agonies they endure.

Out of sight, out of mind. Denzel's gift would have caused too much chatter about overcrowded military hospitals and why they're overcrowded.

Some have estimated the total of Iraq wounded to be as high as 60,000 but nobody knows for sure: it's the second biggest secret of the Iraq war. The nature of this war -- with its roadside bombings and ambushes -- drives up the number of wounded by comparison with traditional combat. Iraq's
ratio of wounded to dead, though we can only guess at it, must be substantially higher than in all previous wars.

Movie star Denzel Washington posing with the grateful staff of the Brook Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.

The wounded unfortunates (average age, 23) who come home missing hands, arms, feet, legs, intestines -- sometimes eyes or genitals -- are flown to Andrews Air Force base in Washington after midnight, under cover of dark, so reporters can't take photos of them.

This precaution is probably unnecessary. The American press shows no appetite for showcasing the human consequences of a war which it was directly complicit in starting.


According to the highly informed socialist presidential candidate Bill Van Auken, writing in February 2004, "Iraq's war wounded are the U.S. Establishment's dirty secret. This was brought home by a British Broadcasting Company documentary that aired in the UK February 10 [2004] containing wrenching footage of the wounded arriving in the US and receiving treatment at the amputee ward at Walter Reed.

"'Americans are not allowed to see this,' the British correspondent told his television audience as the camera panned the wounded. What he said is true and the question that must be asked is, why?

"The Bush administration has a vested interest in suppressing information on the large numbers of wounded and the terrible maiming of young Americans in Iraq. Public exposure of their plight would only underscore the fact that this administration is guilty of war crimes, having dragged the American people into an illegal war based on lies about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. The victims of these crimes are both the Iraqi people—with an estimated 10,000 civilians [in 2004, now much higher], most of them women and children, having lost their lives—and the soldiers themselves.


Dr. Vito Imbascini, a California army surgeon who returned from Germany where he treated the worst of the U.S. Imbascini, a urological specialist, said he amputated the genitals of one or two men every day. war wounded, said that an extremely high number of wounded soldiers are coming home with their arms or legs amputated.

"I walk into the operating room and the general surgeons are doing their work and there is the body of this Navy SEAL, which is a physical specimen to behold," he told Inter Press Service News Agency. "And his abdomen is open, they're exploring both intestines. He's missing both legs below the knee, one arm is blown off, he's got incisions on his thighs to relieve the pressure on the parts of the legs that are hopefully gonna survive and there's genital injuries, and you just want to cry."

But for all the horrors suffered by the unknown amputee army, including stepping into a bureaucratic quicksand upon their return that makes their financial benefits suddenly disappear, the wounded are not the most important aspect of the war being kept under wraps.


The government has managed to keep secret the existence of massive permanent bases throughout Iraq, built without the knowledge or consent of American voters. Their construction provides compelling, apodictic evidence that the true and premeditated motive for invading Iraq was to establish a permanent military presence there.

Remember the cover story? We were "cakewalking" into Iraq to capture weapons of mass destruction, bring stability and democracy, then leave. Yeah, sure. Now according to Pentagon director Gates, "we're going to be there a long long time." Korea in the desert, without the ceasefire.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul places the number of permanent bases built so far at fourteen, not including the new fortified American "embassy" in Baghdad that's the size of 80 football fields. Its purpose can only be to serve as Supreme U.S. Military Headquarters for the Middle East. Here's a photo:

The new "embassy" in Baghdad is the size of the Vatican.
Not bad, huh? We borrow $720 million a day to continue the Iraq war.

So why were permanent bases necessary to find weapons of mass destruction? Answer: they weren't. All that was needed was the weapons of mass destruction themselves, which weren't there to be found. Surprise, surprise! Virtually all Iraqi nuclear programs had been dismantled in 1993, and that fact was reported to American intelligence agencies by no less than Saddam's own son-in-law.

Furthermore, three months before 9/11, Colin Powell announced that Iraq posed no threat to the U.S. Did anyone in Washington seriously think that after 9/11, with the U.S. ready to take vengeance on every Arab country in the world, Saddam Hussein would press ahead with nukes and provide the perfect excuse for his country's annihilation?

A report from the head of British intelligence to the British Prime Minister's office ("The Downing Street Memo") was leaked to the British press after the invasion of Iraq. It stated in the following exact words that "Bush was fixing the facts and the intelligence around the policy [to invade Iraq]." The memo was all over British newspapers but was suppressed from the American public.

Clearly we were tricked into the endless atrocity dubbed the "War on Terror" and what's more, when you understand that the Iraq war was undertaken as a pretext to build permanent bases from which to launch more wars on Iran and other oil-supplying Islamic nations, then you have glimpsed firsthand the criminal face of the United States government -- whichever party is in power, it doesn't matter.


It's time Denzel Washington and everyone else realized we are no longer living in a democracy. We live in the carefully maintained appearance of a democracy, with a controlled media, two controlled parties in Congress, a controlled White House and controlled elections . . . but without real choices . . . while the shots are being called on Park Avenue and 68th Street.

We have lost control of our government. In a true Constitutional republic, Congress -- representing the majority of constituents -- would have responded to voter demands by stopping these insane wars; instead, while prolonging the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, they're going ahead with plans to bomb Iran, probably with nuclear weapons. Whoever your elected Congresspersons represent, it sure ain't you.

Like Iraq, Iran has done absolutely nothing to us and poses no threat to us or even to Israel, any one of whose 200-300 nukes could - and perhaps may - snuff out Iran's nuclear ambitions in the flash of a mushroom cloud.

Without even taking out his checkbook, Denzel Washington could carve a new career for himself as the chief spokesman for wounded Iraq vets. He could alert his fellow Americans to the existence of permanent bases in Iraq and their significance; point to the sixfold increase in Afghanistan's opium production since we invaded that godforsaken land; show the roadmap for World War III being pursued by Washington's deceit-filled, death-hungry war lords.

One lesser known secret of the New World Order elites is their fear of celebrities who have access to the public eye and can't be controlled. Denzel, my man, you're a prince of a human being; God bless you. Now go do your homework and rise to defend your fellow Americans against the new slavery knocking at our door.


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