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Rob Jacobson/ Jones | October 13, 2006

Lately, one conversation has been dominating the 9/11 truth web sites and blogs: Is the past weeks episode of South Park a hit piece or not? I shall put this debate to rest. Last night I had the opportunity to watch the episode again during its re-airing.

Everyone knows that South Park slams everyone. They show no mercy. Some people are saying that this is Matt and Trey's way of showing support. Ok, so they are associating 9/11 truth with nut-jobs who store anthrax in their homes and are doomed to be kidnapped by the SWAT team. That's just South Park's sense of humor. Suggesting to people that researching the facts of 9/11 is like researching who "pooped in the urinal" might get some mindless laughs but will it encourage people to get involved.

Well, South Park still did an episode on 9/11 truth. Its just on the surface that they are calling the truth movement a group of anti-semitic retards. At least they are getting facts out to a huge audience, right? Unfortunately no. South Park, for whatever reason has decided to distort key facts. The 9/11 truth movement got initiated into the group of those trashed by South Park while the facts once again are being censored. Doesn't sound like support to me.

Proving that they are hip to the subject, South Park aired many key phrases and words about 9/11 normally found on a 9/11 blog sites. "Some claim that there was smoke at the base of towers" a man claims at the PTA meeting. Cartman talks about how fuel cannot bend steel beams and explains the some photos of the pentagon during his powerpoint presentation. These subjects are old news to anyone involved in 9/11 truth. Anyone who is not involved but knows someone who is probably heard of these subjects too. South Park is on top of it.

With the SWAT team outside Kyle's house. Stan asks what's going on? Kyle says he doesn't understand why he's being targeted and people are "drawing conclusions from things that aren't even there."

Later in the episode George Bush goes through most of the events of 9/11. Like the end of a bad novel, the 9/11 facts are presented to the public with the "yeah right" wink and nod. Cartman does mention Silverstein's name during the episode - but not in connection with building 7. That's right, no mention of building 7. Cartman states "There are nine members on Silverstein's board..." This is a clear misrepresentation of the facts. The episode's ending reinforces the 'official 9/11 story' by flatly stating that a group of muslims were behind everything and anyone who believes otherwise is retarded. I believe this episode encourages people laugh off any valid information they hear about 9/11.

Nobody want to be labeled a "retard". It is nearly impossible to motivate someone to do their own research when the case you're making has already been showcased, misrepresented and discredited by the political guru known as South Park.

I like watching South Park as much as anyone. I laugh at the jokes and think the show is really funny. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed and not surprised when it turned out to put a negative spin on the truth movement. Some will argue that just by mentioning the truth movement, South Park has raised the publics awareness. I think that 9/11 truth being a subject of one of the episodes proves how big the movement has really become. Its a subject that they have to cover if they are going to remain cutting edge. I don't think it was writer's intention to raise awareness of the truth but to knock a new hot issue that he happens to disagree with. The fact that they excluded building 7 and took Silverstien out of context strongly suggests that this episode was designed to be a hit piece. Any new public awareness of 9/11 facts from this episode is probably calculated backfire. Just because I laugh Trey Parker's and Matt Stone's jokes, I still know a hit piece when I see one.

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