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Is the North American Union Conspiracy Theory Really Real?
Take The Evidence Straight from the Horse's Mouth | December 6, 2007


RELATED: Dear Deluded Mass Media, North American Union Agenda Exists

Although the 'quixotic candidate' Ron Paul has been attacked for believing in a North American Union conspiracy theory, this belief in "fiction" is posted as policy on official government websites and its related issues have been continuously covered by MSM news anchors that include at least CNN's Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and Larry King.

vguard says: The only ones claiming this is a conspiracy are the ones saying that it doesn't exist. Transnational integration and standardization will create a de facto union. Once this process is complete, changing the names will simply be a formality. The process is already so far along that denying the physical reality of it is no longer credible. Which is why the establishment is feigning innocence and resorting to spin and name calling.

Even President Bush Called the Security and Prosperity Partnership a "Union" Back in 2005

WND: 'Declaration of North American Integration' unearthed
Activist points to mayor's endorsement on document signed by 90 leaders

World Net Daily: Documents disclose 'shadow government'

Who Says the North American Union Is a Conspiracy Theory?


Province of Manitoba Throne Speech Nov.20, 2007

"Mannitoba is also taking a major role in the development of a mid-continent trade corridor connecting our northern port of Churchill with trade markets throughout the central U.S. and Mexico. To advance the concept, an alliance has been built with business leaders and state and city governments throughout the length of the corridor."

Fmr. Mexican President Vicente Fox
Discussing North American integration a "long-term" plan
for a unified currency CNN's Larry King Live


Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation Official Website


NASCO Corridor: Tri-National Advocacy for Efficient, Secure and Environmentally Conscious Trade & Transportation


Security & Prosperity Parternship of North America

Documents on SPP and related meetings released through FOIA requests at

Flow charts from

The Trans-Texas Corridor not only exists, but includes "Interstate and International Trade Corridors"

CANAMEX Corridor Coalition website, which includes a Governor's Task Force headed by Gov. Napolitano

News items discussing Giuliani's ties to the NAFTA Superhighway through Bracewell & Giuliani, his law firm:

Giuliani Linked to "NAFTA Superhighway"

Integrating North America

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Official Publication on "Building a North American Community"

"The Task Force offers a detailed and ambitious set of proposals that
build on the recommendations adopted by the three governments at
the Texas summit of March 2005. The Task Force’s central recommen-
dation is establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and
security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a
common external tariff and an outer security perimeter,"
Foreword to Building a North American Community

Lou Dobbs debates Robert Pastor, one of the key authors of "Building a North American Community," about the continental integration on CNN:

May 22, 2007

EMBASSY: Canada's Foreign Policy Newsweekly - Meet the Powerful Business Members of the North American Competitiveness Council

North American Forum on Integration (NAFI)

History of NAFTA Integration

A NAFTA timeline

Maps of the North American Trade Corridors


NAFI includes Triumvirate, "the only North American model parliament" student government project: Notice that their main objectives include a "better understanding of NAFTA's realities" and "North American integration issues." Real.

North American International Trade Corridor Partnership (NAITCP): 2004 Kansas City, Missouri

"NAITCP serves as a bridge between municipal authorities from Canada, the United States and Mexico"

"The role of integration in North America centers around organizations such as NAITCP. Ten years ago, Canada, the United States and Mexico started an economic, diplomatic and service oriented venture toward free trade and convergence."

Center for Strategic & International Studies publications on North American integration

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

The standardization and centralization of policy into a North American Union framework is very real, a fact we personally came face to face with this week after our office received a letter from the Texas Workforce Commission demanding that we provide business information for the purposes of assigning a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code to our location.

"The North American Industry Classification System has replaced the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. NAICS will reshape the way we view our changing economy."

"NAICS was developed jointly by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to provide new comparability in statistics about business activity across North America."

CNN Sometimes Claims The North American Union Is Fictitous, Other Times It Is Covered As News

Lou Dobbs regularly covers the North American Union by name and also covers almost all its key issues, including Robert Pastor, author of "Building a North American Community"


Merging & Integration of Policy

Joint statement of key policy integration at the 2007 Montebello meeting, posted at

Look at all the points of integration through multiple layers of over-lapping areas.

"THE AMERO" (Unified American Currency)

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has been unrelenting in its attempt to kill off national currency and integrate into regional monetary policy.

CFR: The End of National Currency

CFR: The Curse of Currency Autarky

CFR: Regional Monetary Integration

CFR: Does Euro Spell End of the Dollar?

CFR: Impact of EMU on Europe's Evolution Deserves Renewed Attention

Globe and Mail: Consider a continental currency, Jarislowsky says

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