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Aaron Dykes / JonesReport | April 6, 2007


Crowds appearing at Giuliani's campaign stops are beginning to wonder about his odd penchant for starting speeches with impressions of mafia Godfather Don Corleone-- a seemingly incongruent association with the image of the presidency he seeks.

Giuliani used the voice during a recent California speech. Furthermore, he has been recently noticed "invoking the mob's code of honor to explain why reporters should lay off his wife."

Odder still, given his hyped past-reputation as a tough-on-crime NY District Attorney and his supposed mythical status as a primary 9/11 Hero (a perverted myth at that, given his shameful and betraying treatment of first responders after the 9/11 attacks and his role in destroying steel columns after 9/11-- valuable evidence in the United States' largest crime investigation).

Giuliani looks like a mobster, acts like a mobster. Maybe he is a mobster.But the celebrated impersonations of mobsters are nothing new, and telling in-step with a rich history of association with mafia crime organizations as well as Tammany-Hall levels of corrupt behavior and association in public office.

Interestingly, Giuliani had a 'Vulnerability Study' prepared for his 1993 Mayor's race. The results were so telling that he had the report destroyed-- sensitive information included reports of his "raucous social life" during his first marriage as well as his relations to members of the mob. Giuliani staff were also concerned about the "weirdness factor"-- perhaps most directly due to his marriage to his first cousin (further reading in Barrett's Rudy! An Investigative Biography).

JUST A SMALL SAMPLING of his connections to mafia organizations, corrupt deals, appointments of criminal and defamed friends and other scandals follow below. A few hours of research will reveal a great more information-- more than is necessary for this article.:


Giuliani's father was a convicted hold-up man who served time in an upstate prison and was later employed as an enforcer for a Mafia loan shark operation. When the book was first released Giuliani denied and later admitted it was true. According to the book, a number of his other relatives were also in the Mafia besides the uncles who were firemen and police officers that he proudly refers to in public speeches.

PRIMARY RESOURCE: Rudy! An Investigative Biography by Wayne Barrett

KERIK SCANDAL & the Curious Upward Mobility of a Mobster

Current scandal with Bernard Kerik-- wherein Giuliani promoted Kerik for Head of Homeland Security in 2004 and other other posts before that despite having already been "briefed" on his mob-ties and other corrupt behavior. He know admits to knowledge of Kerik since at least 2000, though he had previous denied this until the Kerik story became prominent.

Resources: NY Times - Giuliani Says Ties to Kerik May Hurt Him With Voters [registration required]

APPLIED DNA SCIENCES DEAL-- which Giuliani entered into in 2004 with backer Richard Langely, Jr.-- already a convicted felon on conspiracy charges over wire fraud AND commercial bribery in penny stock scams. Hooking up with a convicted criminal is a great business opportunity.

BUT GIULIANI HAS HOOKED UP WITH AND ACCEPTED FEES FROM PENNY STOCK BROKERS BEFORE... including payments by Lighting Science Group before their convenient bankruptcy and CamelBak-- which had the Bernard Kerik on its board-- also run into the ground.

RUSSELL HARDING APPOINTED To Post In The Face of a Complete Lack of Qualifications

Giuliani hooked up the son of a "key political ally", though Harding had neither a college degree or relevant expertise to head the New York City Housing Development. This scandal prompted historian Richard C. Wade to complain, "Tammany Hall had higher standards than this."

Harding used the post to spend approximately half a million on raises, bonuses and lavish expenses on himself and friends. Harding is now serving 5 years on conviction of fraud, as well as downloading child porn. Again, this clear quid-pro-quo mob-style scandal is just what has been clearly exposed and vetted...

LOUIS CARBONETTI, Pleaded Guilty to No-Bid Contract Scandal as Head of Community Assistance Unit under Giuliani; went to work for benefiting firm after post.



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