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FOX Officially Names Giuliani "Mr. 9/11"
Commentators Overtly Say Giuliani Uses "Every Opportunity" to "Pro-Actively" Make 9/11 and the War on Terror Conditioned Responses for Political Gain and 'Security Agenda




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Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | July 5, 2007


FOX News now has the gall to officially and overtly refer to Giuliani as "Mr. 9/11"-- previously reserved for actual satire, like The Onion piece 'Giuliani to Run for President of 9/11.'

Fox has taken this bold step not only while conditioning viewers to favor Giuliani but while explaining how the 9/11 conditioning works politically-- allowing the yellow journalism rag to remove the thin veil completely, on the apparent assumption that its target audience has absolutely no discernment.

See video.


Fox's Cavuto took the opportunity during on-going coverage of the most recent terror attacks in the UK to stroke Giuliani's controlled-candidate campaign for the presidency.

After Carl Cameron gives fair-and-balanced "coverage" of Giuliani's platform-- "Clinton, Obama & Edwards will all raise taxes... Giuliani, of course, says he will not," Cavuto butts into the candidate advocacy to name Giuliani's as "Mr. 9/11"-- taking the final step to place all bets for Giuliani's candidacy on a single dimension-- fear of terror.

Cavuto asks, in light of the flaming Jeep attack and other failed car assaults, if viewers/voters are reminded of the visage of Mayor Giuliani-- because he is "Mr. 9/11."

To rephrase the question: Do sporadic terror events remind people of Mr. 9/11 (and does that make them want to vote for him)?

Carlson makes several key points in an answer that is both telling and substantial:

-- Carlson answers: Giuliani "surely plays to that actively" and even "seeks ways to bring up 9/11."

-- Carlson then underscores a lynch pin of the 9/11 attack as a Hegelian problem-reaction-solution model:

"It's an unfortunate reality-- politically-- that tragedy around the world is precisely the of security opportunity for Rudy Giuliani to talk about his candidacy."

Carlson repeats his assessment that Giuliani is milking the "unfortunate" symbiotic relationship between "tragic events worldwide" and the emotional-tie to "security" as an equal, opposite reaction, as well as the conditioned association with Rudy "Mr. 9/11" Giuliani.

In approximate mathematical terms, Carlson promotes the argument that:

"tragic events worldwide"/ Rudy "Mr. 9/11" Giuliani = security

Carlson reiterates, again in clear terms:

"It's a political opportunity, albeit a sign that the War on Terror continues to loom, and he (Giuliani) argues, a necessity of electing someone who will be strong on security."

-- Carlson then treads back on the comfortable ground of party line:

"Giuliani argues Democrats are naive and want to return the War on Terror to a law enforcement exercise that they don't realize is a Global War on Terror," stating that Democrats are not "taking it seriously."

-- "Recent attacks around...the world play exactly into that for Mr. Giuliani. And as far as Giuliani and his aides are concerned, they can't hit it enough."

So Carlson admits-- straightforwardly-- that Giuliani and his staff are using the War on Terror and 9/11 as a political tool of emotional manipulation. Not that it wasn't already obvious...

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