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Rosie O'Donnell has been savagely attacked by talking heads on major news networks and others simply for exercising her first amendment right to ask questions about 9/11, questions that are shared by the majority of family members of the victims.

A relentless campaign on behalf of anti-American haters of free speech is underway to force ABC to fire O'Donnell from her position as host of The View. This petition was created to show that a significant and vocal number of Americans recognize and support Rosie O'Donnell's stance in displaying the highest form of patriotism - asking questions of government and demanding the truth about what really happened on 9/11.


Calls for Rosie to be fired, censored, and in one case even executed , came after Rosie simply raised the question of what caused WTC Building 7 to collapse on September 11.

WTC 7 was a 47-story building in the WTC complex that was not hit by a plane yet collapsed in a perfect symmetrical implosion at freefall speed in the late afternoon of September 11.

If the collapse of the building was an accident, why were ground zero personnel, firefighters and police told to vacate the area surrounding Building 7 in advance because the structure was to be brought down?

If the collapse did not involve the use of demolition charges, why did NYPD officer Craig Bartmer report bombs tearing down the building as he ran away from it?

Why did WTC complex leaseholder Larry Silverstein admit on a 2002 PBS documentary that WTC 7 was deliberately pulled? To "pull" is industry jargon for controlled demolition. Why has NIST changed its explanation for the collapse of Building 7 on several different occasions and why to this day has it still not come to a conclusion ?

How can fire damage have caused the building (which had been structurally reinforced) to collapse in freefall when photos taken immediately before it fell show limited fires confined sporadically to just eight floors? Why did news networks like CNN and BBC report the collapse of WTC 7 over 20 minutes before the building actually fell?

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Why are news networks like Fox, CNN and MSNBC so eager to throw out ad hominem insults and employ smear tactics against Rosie O'Donnell simply for raising these kind of questions yet universally refuse to debate the cold hard facts surrounding Building 7?

Why are enemies of free speech attempting to have Rosie O'Donnell thrown off the air simply for discussing this issue?

Show your support for Rosie's stance, for the survival of free speech in America and for a full investigation of what really happened on 9/11 by signing this petition. Send a message to those that wish to create a chilling atmosphere of intimidation that their anti-American assault on the bill of rights and the first amendment will be repelled by a substantial and sustained counter-attack.


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