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Lee Rogers / Rogue | May 2, 2007


Users of the popular news networking web site Digg are greatly upset over a decision by Digg’s owners to censor information allowing someone to break the copy protection on HD-DVDs. The HD-DVD story became wildly popular netting over 15,000 diggs in just one day. The user who posted the story was supposedly banned and this ban coupled with Digg’s censorship of the story has caused a major uproar amongst members of the Digg community. Digg even had stories that criticized their censorship decision censored as well. Digg sells itself as a site that allows users to choose what stories make the front page of the site. Unfortunately, it is clear that this is not always the case as stories have been censored on Digg for quite awhile now. In particular, stories dealing 9/11 and any reference and information to possible government involvement have been routinely censored by what are known as bury brigades. Censorship of any kind by Digg or other 3rd parties is unacceptable and shows a number of flaws with the system that Digg has in place.

The problem with Digg’s system is that it is entirely dictatorial in nature. A story could have over a thousand diggs but a few people can bury the story and it will never make the front pages. I have seen this countless times from my own article submissions referencing government involvement in the attacks of 9/11. Regardless of if the burying is coming from Digg, a government agency, or any other number of sources, the system that Digg has in place needs to be changed. In order for Digg to be a truly user driven site, diggs and burys need to be given the same weight. By giving people who bury a story tremendously more power, it gives small groups of people the ability to censor information they don’t want people to see. Instead of taking sides, Digg needs to be a neutral observer and ensure that it is a total user driven experience.

It is quite sad that more people are concerned about cracking HD-DVD copy protection than they are of government involvement with 9/11 and other important news and information that get censored constantly by the mainstream media. Is watching the satanic filth that comes out of Hollywood for free more important than government involvement with the attacks of 9/11? I certainly don’t believe that to be the case. Where is the uproar when important 9/11 information gets censored and buried on Digg? If we had a revolt like this each time Digg censored information pertaining to 9/11 government involvement, the 9/11 truth movement would be having a much larger effect than it is now.

If anything, this shows that the users do have the power to overcome censorship on these social news networking sites. The cracks for HD-DVDs have gone viral and can be found on numerous other networking sites. Hopefully in the near future we can start seeing similar user lead revolts on Digg and other social networking news sites pertaining to censorship of 9/11 information.

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