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Secret Service Pressure 9/11 Truther to Stop Confronting Clinton | December 17, 2007


Secret Service agents Charles Holiday and Timothy O'Conner visited the home of Nick after the Philly 9/11 Truther confronted Bill Clinton about his affiliation with the Bilderberg group at a fund raising event, according to Nick.

Nick was quizzed in front of his parents as the agents implied that his future professional career could be 'affected' if he continued his political activity. The Secret Service even went so far as to ask the 9/11 truther if he "would kill for the Constitution." Nick replied that he 'had never considered the thought.'

Nick reportedly told the former president, "Bilderberg, New World Order. How dare you," reversing Clinton's earlier rhetoric attacking 9/11 truthers in Minnesota.

Bill Clinton has recently been barraged with a great deal of criticism as he continues to campaign for his wife Hillary. Secret Service agents said their appearance was only in concern for the safety of the former president.

Obviously, the establishment is concerned about the rise of vocal critics and those awake to the larger fraud. The Clintons clearly prefer to stifle free speech by sending goons to intimidate activists over allowing their indiscretions to be aired publicly during the campaign to continue their dynasty.

Despite the attempt to frame avid Constitutionalists who stand up for their rights as a violent threat, it is the protection of individual rights and limitations placed on government under the Constitution that has historically staved off the violence of government. Free speech has guaranteed an avenue to peaceably fight corruption without having to resort to violence.

Nick himself refused to be silenced by intimidation and told the Secret Service that further questions would require the presence of an attorney. The two agents, who left a card, had identified the founder of Philly 9/11 Truth during a Hillary fundraiser at a debate in Pennsylvania.

More details to come, including video of the Bill Clinton confrontation that prompted the Secret Service visit.

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