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The Ties That Bind Rick Perry & Rudy Giuliani
Sharing the Road (and Profits From It)

Aaron Dykes / | December 13, 2007


As Texas Governor Rick Perry goes on the road to stump for Giuliani's campaign, it is increasingly clear that the two figureheads not only share a penchant for presiding over thinly-veiled corruption, but do their presiding in the same globalist circles.

Perry's appearance at the secretive Bilderberg meeting in 2007 gives credence to whispers about the Texas Governor becoming a GOP running mate alongside Giuliani, even as Perry denies interest in being VP. Bilderberg has a noted and well-deserved reputation as kingmaker.

Together, Rick Perry, as Governor, and Rudy Giuliani, as a named partner in the Houston-based Bracewell & Giuliani, have been instrumental in selling off Texas infrastructure and utilities while ushering in agents of globalism and (North American Union) regional control.


Giuliani's law firm is heavily tied to Rick Perry's Texas-style 'Big Dig'-- a highly contentious and very real Trans-Texas Corridor that has foreign firms building up on land seized in the face of opposition from both the state legislature and the people.

Bracewell & Giuliani is exclusively representing the Spanish-owned Cintra and essentially won the contract to build the first ever private toll road in Texas. The Online Journal refers to Bracewell & Giuliani as "the 'guiding' law firm on the privatization of Texas State Highway 121"

Cintra is further partnered with the Australian company Macquarie, who "previously acquired the business and assets of an investment bank known as Giuliani Capital Advisors," according to Cliff Kincaid who further observes:

Terri Hall, founder and director of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), notes that Giuliani clients with an interest in acquiring Texas roads and infrastructure have also invested in his presidential campaign. She comments, "This could explain why Giuliani has spent so much time fundraising in Texas. The monied proponents of the Trans-Texas Corridor, of which there are many, would like to see this man become President."

Perry's advocacy for the TTC has been unwavering and he has refused to back down even after the legislature passed a two-year moratorium. Perry called in U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters to lobby against the moratorium while publicly declaring that there is no alternative to toll roads (Peters has, of course, been present at a number of NAFTA super-highway meetings as well).

Bracewell & Giuliani gave Rick Perry $20,000 in PAC money in the 2006 cycle. Current Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was also a partner in Bracewell & Giuliani, which Lobby Watch suggests was related to his run for office after stepping down from the Texas Supreme Court. He received $25,000 in PAC contributions in the 2006 cycle.


As we previously reported, the 'largest ever' buyout of TxU (now slashed from $45 billion to $32 billion) was managed by KKR, who are represented annually at Bilderberg by partner Henry Kravis.

"Energy Future bought TXU Corp. in a $32 billion leveraged buyout that closed in October. It was formed by Kohlberg, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., TPG, formerly Texas Pacific Group, and other investors," reports the Dallas Morning News.

The deal stalled over environmental issues with TxU's plans for new coal plants, but never faltered thanks to cheerleading by Rick Perry as well as personal appearances by Henry Kravis, who is known as a virtuoso in the world of leveraged buyouts (see Barbarians at the Gate which dramatizes his infamous high-priced buyout with R.J. Reynolds and also features a younger but no less-aged Fred Thompson).

Governor Perry was involved in facilitating the TxU buyout, including the issuance of an executive order to instigate fast-track approval for TxU plant deals:

"Last year, after private meetings with TXU executives, Perry fast-tracked the permitting process for TXU's 11-plant expansion through an executive order, slashing the time frame in half, to six months...."

"The bottom line: Only Governor Perry and TXU, which stands to make a lot of money, are championing these plants."

Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse First Boston (both deeply nested in Bilderberg) were also involved in the deal while Bracewell & Giuliani represented TxU (as they handle a number of energy companies). A number of criminal insider trading cases involving Pakistani financiers working inside these firms-- including Hafiz Naseem-- have already been prosecuted as a result of the buyout. Others, still under investigation, are potentially outstanding.

In fact, Hafiz Naseem, then a Credit Suisse investor, was defended by Bracewell & Giuliani's Marc Mukasey, who is the son of U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Bracewell's Mukasey commented that the "case is inference built on inference built on inference." However, prosecutors were investigating other links to alleged inside trading that went as high as Pakistani Prime Minister Aziz, who is also a former Citigroup chairman. Investigators also believe there was a link to al Qaeda money laundering.


And what about Mexico? If a continent-wide merger is underway, it seems to coincide with the cozy relationship Perry and Vicente Fox had as contemporaries. As WND reports, the vision to expand the Corridor into Mexico is heavily discussed and well under way.

On May 24, Gonzáles Parás announced during his recent meetings in Austin, Perry had agreed the envisioned Trans North America Corridor would pass through Laredo and connect with San Antonio, just as Mexico ultimately planned to extend the superhighway south into Colombia.

Note also that the current U.S. ambassador to Mexico is none other than Bracewell & Giuliani partner Tony Garza (who is, incidentally, married to Mexico's richest woman, billionaire Grupo Modelo heiress María Asunción Aramburuzabala).


The shadow government managing the infrastructure deals in Texas and overseeing the integration of North America obviously has significant ties to the figureheads Perry and Giuliani (among many others).

On the GOP side, both Perry and Giuliani are uniquely positioned to inherit the interests of the Bush Administration (and perhaps the White House as well) in the interlocking global and regional control mechanism. Neither is it any surprise to see that both are empty vessels willing to carry the water and forward the agenda, both tried and true.

Rick Perry made a seamless transition from Lt. Governor to filling Bush's shoes as Governor in 2001, and only became a Republican in the first place during the Texas GOP realignment in the 80s-- credited largely to Karl Rove.

It is interesting to note some of Giuliani's interests in the Bush Administration:

Newly appointed Attorney General Michael Mukasey is a personal friend of Giuliani and worked with him as Assistant U.S. attorney, Southern District of New York, 1972-1976. His son, Marc L. Mukasey leads the white-collar criminal defense practice as a partner in the New York office of Bracewell & Giuliani.

Mukasey also was the judge in the litigation between developer Larry Silverstein and several insurance companies arising from the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, again, was a Bracewell employee, but also a Bush pick for the position back in 1995.


Giuliani's friend and former partner Bernard Kerik-- now disgraced and indicted-- was almost the head the Dept. of Homeland Security on Giuliani's recommendation, but wasn't credible enough to pass confirmation.

By that standard, Giuliani's appointees stand to be more thuggish, more openly corrupt and all around more desperate than the Bush Administration's team of 'know-nothing' war criminals. The conceptual 9/11 was, in tandem with the War on Terror, the birth of the Giuliani Phoenix-- which rose to power from the ashes of tragedy and trashed rescue workers. And now that alter-ego is ready to become more powerful and more out of control...

If speculation of the team-up were true, Giuliani & Perry would pose one dangerous duo. Unfortunately, both are controlled by the same puppet masters who also-- not alternately-- control Hillary Clinton.

Hillary attended Bilderberg in 1997 and in 2006.

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