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Delaware Sends “First Offense Warning” for Sign

Kurt Nimmo
September 23, 2010

Note from Alex Jones: This is asinine. The sign in question is clearly homemade. If an Obama sign was put on a utility pole, would the state issue Obama a citation? This is something straight out of Stalinist Russia or Mao’s China where you are guilty for something somebody else does. I am out of the state's jurisdiction. The next time a sign is put up, they will fine me. If I don’t pay the fine, they will issue an arrest warrant. If I sue them, they will pay me from money taken from Delawareans.

Delaware’s Department of Transportation has sent Alex Jones and a “First Offense Warning” for an sign placed on a utility pole in the state. In the citation (see image below) sent by U.S. postal mail, Delaware’s DOT claims the ownership of the sign was “traced” to The sign was removed on August 27, 2010.

The sign, pictured in the citation, was not placed by Alex Jones or his staff. It was obviously placed by an supporter. Alex Jones does not have an office in Delaware and is obviously not responsible for the sign, as the government of Delaware insists.

Congressman Wants Overpopulation Myth To Be Taught In Schools 140410banner4The citation warns that any future violation of “ROW,” the government’s declared “right-of-way,” will result in a “mandatory $25 civil violation per offense.”

The government of Delaware either is unaware that Alex Jones is not responsible for the sign, or is engaged in harassment.

Does the state of Delaware cite residents for placing signs on government property announcing garage and yard sales? Does it fine local political candidates when they put election signs on government property? We’d like to hear from Delawareans if this practice is uniformly enforced, or if the state is going after Alex Jones and for political reasons.

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Then again, this may be yet another example of parasitic government attempting to collect a fine as part of a revenue enhancement scheme. Far too many state and local governments are now Mafia-like operations shaking down citizens and treating them like cash cows to be looted.