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Black Helicopters Over Denver & Florida

Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet | June 18, 2008

Those black helicopters that some insist only exist inside the warped minds of tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy kooks are making themselves pretty visible over Denver and Florida today.

With no notification whatsoever and under the pretext of "terrorism training," choppers are buzzing around Denver and even causing damage to people's property by flying well below legal altitudes.

At what point does martial law training become martial law? When officials think it's routine for the military to be swooping around skyscrapers and homes in American cities what's the difference?

Now NBC reports black helicopters over Florida in preparation for Bush's visit.


NAPLES: We're getting a lot of emails and calls from viewers asking about a pack of black military helicopters flying around Southwest Florida.

While the U.S. Secret Service won't talk much about pre-visit preparations for the President, we can tell you the helicopters are part of the advance team in charge of security for the visit on Friday.

President Bush will attend a fundraiser in Naples.

But a caller to the Alex Jones Show this afternoon reported seeing black helicopters over an area in Florida nowhere near Naples.

Military choppers buzzing around American cities, flood-stricken people in Iowa having their homes invaded by police while those who try to re-enter their house are arrested at gunpoint - anyone would think we're in a police state!

It's just a good job that none of this exists!


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