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Campaign Donations: Rockefeller Backs Hillary; Kissinger Backs McCain
Campaign Contributions from Global Kingpins Gives Away Thin Veil Behind Staged Election Process... that the fix is already in | February 7, 2008


As globalist tool John McCain rises to the forefront of the GOP party, it becomes increasingly clear that he will likely head off Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Behind the veil, this fixed-election might be indicated, at least for illustrative purposes, by maximum contributions from globalist kingpins David Rockefeller to Hillary, and from Henry Kissinger to John McCain.

Of course, pockets as deep as a Rockefeller can afford to back all the horses in the race-- which, of course, generally happens through CFR and Bilderberg vetting, but perhaps David Rockefeller's own donation gives away his selected choice for heir. (And all indicators have Hillary taking the crown).

At least two other Rockefellers have thrown money behind Hillary, though several other minor Rockefellers have contributed towards Obama, McCain, Richardson, and Edwards, all of whom are within the CFR-sphere of control as well.

Notably, William and Lisenne Rockefeller have donated to Mike Huckabee-- they are the surviving immediate family of the late Winthrop P. Rockefeller, who was Lt. Governor under Huckabee.

The elder Winthrop Rockefeller was Governor of Arkansas from 1967-1971 (and often rumored to be the illegitimate father of Bill Clinton).

Politics are theater, and virtually any candidate could be cast aside at any point, but the elite-level of support for Hillary Clinton and general control of all the contenders can't be good for the democratic process-- so much so, that it may be little more than an illusion. It certainly appears that the fix is in.

After all, Rupert Murdoch, owner of NewsCorp / Fox News has also donated heavily to the Hillary campaign despite the Fox reputation as a 'conservative' network.

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