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War With Iran

Ahmadinejad Seeks Chinese, Russian Support

Documents: Al-Qaida Sought US-Iran War

Iranian Leader Arrives for Shanghai Summit

Bush's Armageddon Wish

Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set for June or July

U.S. to Give Iran Nuclear Technology

U.S. Sets Conditions for Talks with Iran

Iran's Drive to Nuclear Fuel Slows

Iran Promises 'Historic Slap' to any attacker; has 'mastered nuclear cycle'

Israeli PM: World Must Confront Iranian Threat

Australian PM: War a Last Resort

Retraction: No Distinctive Attire for Non-Muslims

Iran Proposes Sewn Badges for Jews, Non-Muslims

Iranian Oil Bourse Opens for Business

Israel: 'Iran Wants to Change World Order'

May 8: 'Iran Can Also Be Wiped Off the Map'

May 4: Iran Retracts Israel Strike Threat

"fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars"

-Second of Four Core Missions for U.S. Military Forces as Stated in the Rebuilding Americas Defenses document authored by the Project for a New American Century

Won't Get Fooled Again Flashback: Saddam Challenges Bush to Debate on CBS (Bush Continues Planned War...)

White House Rejects Direct Talks with Iran

Won't Get Fooled Again Flashback: Why US Rebuffs Iraqi Offer on UN Inspections

US Rejects Iran's Inspections Offer


Substitute teacher put on 'administrative leave' for voicing 9/11 opinions

School backs off background checks, doesn't swear off of criminal info

School Runs Criminal Background Check on 40 Prom Guests

Professor Apologizes for Test Question

Random Weapons Scans at NYC Schools

Prosecutors Drop Appeal in Librarian Case over Patriot-Act Hush

Feds Pounce on UGA Sophomore Dressed As Ninja

Student Censored From Reading Poem With The Words 'Hell' And 'Damn'

ICT Security Orgs Blast ID Smartcard, Biometrics

Microchips, Convenience and Liberty

NYC Mayor Advocates U.S. Workers Database

'Big Brother' Informs on Baby Talk

Airport Video Surveillance Goes Hi-Tech

Yes, Reality CCTV is a Step Too Far

Industry and Academia Line Up for ID Card Bashing

Government move is the latest in a series of assaults on civil liberties


Migrant Amnesty 'Not Ruled Out' in UK

Computers 'Set to Read Our Minds'

Cashless Society Is On the Cards

Call for Canadians to Fill Out Census Forms or Face Charges

Keeping Big Brother in Check

'Big Brother' Plan to Store Every Baby on Computer

DNA Database Has 50,000 Children

More Britons Have DNA Held By Police Than Rest of World

Big Brother nonexistent and Orwell a blogger: Minister

Apple Patents First Wave of Telescreens?

Japan Tests Anti-Terrorism 'Extra Eyes' in Subway Station

Journalist Censored Over Charlie Sheen/ September 11th Article

The Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnnings

Human Rights Attorney Reveals Corruption in Shanghai

Kidney Transplant Performed Twice Within 48 Hours

'Organ Supermarket,' the Movie Coming Soon

Police Destroy Falun Gong Shrine to Tortured-to-Death Practitioners

Chinese Hospital Uses Patient as Experimental Subject

Military Doctors Reveals Organ Harvesting Process

Hu Wanted Bush to Label Falun Gong as an 'Evil Cult'

Falun Gong Demonstrator Embarrasses Global Mafia

Organ-Harvesting Death Camps Slaughter Falun Gong

Falun Gong Practitioners Protest Hu's Visit







MAY 2006

APRIL 2006

MARCH 2006





Miami Bomb Plot Suspects "Entrapped," Lawyers Say

BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical Samples, Building Collapses an Inside Job

Fox News Poll Shows Hillary as Presidential Candidate 'Feared'

Judge Rules That US Has Broad Powers to Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely

Super-Wide Highway (from another perspective)

N.Y. Report Denounces Shock Use at School

Germany Wants Mandate to Revive EU Constitution

9-11 Thefts Not Prosecuted

US Polls As 'Biggest Global Peace Threat'

PNAC Coming to End? War-Hawk Group May Be Dissolving

Rove Escapes Charges in Investigation

AP's Yost: Rove Got Away with 'Misleading' the Media

Rove Won't Be Charged in CIA Leak Case

Bush Sneaking North American Super-State Without Oversight?

Hillary Booed By Anti-War Left Over Iraq Stance

Democrats in disarray as Bush basks in glow of Iraq trip

Tipper Ready to Support Gore in Another Run for President

Stopwatch ticking for Dan Rather on 60 Minutes

Bush's Favorite Author Leaving the White House

Jon Stewart: RNC Chairman has to 'Perfume those turds'

Spiderman unveils identity for Homeland Security cooperation propaganda

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson may be considering a run for President

Coalition Troops Prepare Afghan Offensive

US Trained Expert Says Shell Was Israeli

Nine Palestinians Killed in Israeli Air Strike

Worldwide Spending on Arms Reaches New Record High

Bush 'Planted Fake News Stories on American TV'

Bush Gets Zarqawi 'Bounce' in Poll: Up or Down?

The US Already Misses Zarqawi

Who Will Miss Zarqawi?

The Big Question: Why Are British Troops Back in Afghanistan Five Years After the War?

Intelligence Committee Launches Inquiry into Forest Gate Failures

RIAA Sues Youtube Users

Eugene Soldier Refuses to Deploy to Iraq

Qaeda Names Man Due to Have Been Sept 11 Attacker

Police Sent 78 to Quell Lone Protester Brian Haw at a Cost of £7,200

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

New Pentagon Footage Does Not Convince American Scholars

Louisiana Runs Hurricane Evacuation Drill; Scenario Includes Bar-Coded Wrist Bands

The Global Dominance Group is led by Neo-Cons Hellbent on worldwise US military power

Project Censored exposes what is kept quiet in the media

Bush, Blair Acknowledge Mistakes in Iraq

Chain Gang: Town depends on prison for jobs

Attorney General: Journalists Can Be Prosecuted for Publishing Classified Info

Markets 'are like 1987 crash'

The Death of Another Key Microbiologist

Silverstein Says Insurers Might Not Pay $4.6 Billion

On the Unprecedented Justification by way of 'National Security'

Off-Grid Man Jailed for Confronting Utility Company

Release of Pentagon Images Direct Assault on 9/11 Truth Movement

New Pentagon Video Shows No Boeing

Protesters Arrested at Halliburton Meeting

Awakening the Truth with Bold New 9/11 Conference

Bold New Conference to Herald the Truth

Download Alex Jones' Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State for free

VIDEO: Colbert Grills Kristol on PNAC

PNAC: Project for a New American Century

Archbishop attacks 'toxic time in which we live'

Blair 'to amend human rights law' allowing court ruling vetoes

Blair: I'll Quit Next Year- Trust me

Blair To Stay On As PM Until 2009

Database State: The UK's Electronic Prison (Part One)

A Defiant Sheen Challenges Official 9/11 Fable on National TV

A Scanner Darkly Provokes with Moody Rotoscoped Look and Police State Society

RADIO SHOW TRANSCRIPT: Alex Jones Speaks About Film A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly Launches Website

"Prison Planet Scanner" Remix Trailer

Verichip Injects Itself into Immigration Debate

Columbian President Favors ID Chips for Seaonal Workers, Perhaps in US


Tag, you're it: RFID lets boss track workers

New RFID Travel Cards Could Pose Privacy Threat

Martial Law: Find Out The Truth About 9/11

Drug firms 'hype up diseases to boost sales'

Soda Distributors to End Most School Sales

Parents Sue Soft Drink Cos. Over Benzene

Army Recruits Autistic Soldier for Calvary Scout, one of most dangerous jobs

'Hartford Courant': US Sending Mentally Unstable Troops into Battle

US Doctors Forbid Roles in Harsh Interrogations

Hicks Subjected to Most Extreme CIA Torture, Expert Says

UN Experts Urge Guantanamo Closure After Suicides

Anti-Torture Law? What Anti-Torture Law?

Government Slammed Over Torture Agreements

Rice Rejects UN Criticism of Guantamo Detention Center

Guantanamo Prison Guards, Inmates Clash

UN Body Urges US to Shut Guantanamo

Films on Guantánamo and Iraq Face War of Cuts

Spy Chief: CIA Detainees Will Be Held Indefinitely

Britons Held at Guantanamo Bay Win Right to Sue Their Captors

UN Torture Expert Calls for Shannon Search of Planes

Bush Says He'd Like to Close Guantanamo

US 'Lets Torture Flourish'

Torture's Roots Run to Washington

Group Forms to Fight Animal ID System

China Investigates Suspected Bird Flu Case as Hong Kong Goes on Alert

Hunt is on in Alaska for deadly bird flu virus

Bird Flu Spreads in Romania

Human-to-human transmission of bird flu may have occurred in Indonesia

Two Dead in Iran with Signs of Bird Flu Symptoms

Four Arrested for Spreading Bird Flu in Romania

Bush Declares Govt Couldn't Help in Flu Pandemic; Chaos Feared






Report MySpace censorship:

Reuters: 9/11 Conspiracy theorists gather at LA conference

On the June 2-4 Chicago 9/11: Revealing the Truth Conference...

Mixed Media Reaction to Chicago Conference Shows Progress

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Mentions Chicago Event

New York Times: 500 Conspiracy Buffs Meet to Seek the Truth of 9/11

Foreign Media Picks up Bilderberg Story One Week Late

Ottawa Newspaper Coverage of the 2006 Bilderberg Meeting

What's So Bad About Bilderberg?

Alex Jones to Bilderberg: 'We Know You Are Evil'

Did Hillary Clinton Attend Bilderberg?

Bilderbergers Slither Away

Bilderberg Provocateurs Tried to Instigate Violence

Alex Jones' Bilderberg Report

Secretive Group's Departure as Low-Key as Arrival

Alex Jones Bullhorns Bilderberg Group

Today Kanata...Tomorrow the World

Bilderberg Mafia Comes Under Scrutiny of Canadian Media

Alex Jones Detained on Orders of Bilderberg Group

FLASHBACK: International Watchdog Voices Concern Over Detention of Opposition Journalist in Russia

PM Harper is New Bilderberg Boy

Bilderberg to Meet in Canada

Blair Warned: Don't Go Out Like Thatcher

If you've never heard of the Bilderberg Group...It's time to get acquainted with the ruling elite in Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary

Counties Warned of Security Glitch in Diebold Election Machines

Al-Qaeda 'coming to end in Iraq'

Schoolboy Accused of Terror Plotting

Documents: Al-Qaida Sought US-Iran War

Top al Qaeda Operative 'Worked For the CIA'

The Al Qaeda Myth

Did the US Save Osama bin Laden?

7/7 Fabricated Evidence

Spies 'hid' bomber tape from MPs

UK Inquiry Call Over 'Bomber Tapes'

Report: London Transit Bombers Acted Alone

Official version of 7/7 London bombings does not make sense

Pentagon Sued for Surveillance Info

Pentagon to Disclose Interrogation Tactics

Pentagon Pressing for New Rapid-Strike Weapon

US Tests Ship-Based Defense System Against Short-Range Missile

Major Increase in Secret Military Budget

Keeping Tabs on SOCOM

Neocons Ready to Dismember CIA, Transfer Power Directly to the Pentagon

Pentagon Declines Comment on Report of Iran Strike Plans

America's Secret Police? Potential for Abuse in Merging Pentagon Intelligence Units

Pentagon admits to spying on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Protestors

Pentagon says improper data in security database

US Faces Court Case on Spying at Home

Documents in AT&T Spying Case Unsealed

ACLU Launching Don't Spy on Me Campaign

Hastert Tells President Bush FBI Raid was Unconstitutional; Calls for 'Return of Documents'

Bush Governs in Dictator Style

Bush Lied About Spy Program

Sen. Pat Roberts: 'No Civil Liberties If You're Dead'

Hayden Warns About Politics Over Security

President's Memorandum Authorizes Telcos to Lie Without Violating Securities Law

Judge: AT&T Docs Can Be Used in Wiretap Suit

Why NSA Spying Puts the US in Danger

BellSouth Says It Gave NSA No Call Records

Vice President Argued for Domestic Wiretapping Without Warrants

White House Gave No Hint About Extent of Surveillance

Time Mag: Bush Could Actually Get Boost from Spying Program Controversy

ABC News Told 'Get New Cell Phones'; 'We Know Who You're Calling'

Security Issue Kills Domestic Spying Inquiry

Paper Reports NSA Collecting Phone Records

Despite a troubled history, police across the nation are keeping tabs on ordinary Americans

US Use of Secret Warrants Rises

Bush Administration Moves to Quash AT&T Surveillance Case

AT&T asks judge to order docs alleging wiretaps returned!

Bush Defends NSA Surveillance

Cuban and Venezuelan Intelligence Conclude 9-11 Was an "Inside Job"

Energy crisis? Venezeula Gas is Cheaper Than Water

Chavez: Oil Will Be Destroyed if Attacked

Chavez: US Warships Threaten Venezuela, Cuba

Chavez Threatens to oust US Ambassador

Key Lawmakers Demand Oil Company Tax Records

Pumps Go Dry At Some Stations

Oil: $74; Seventh Consecutive Day of New Peak

Gold: $640, Climbs Towards 1980 Levels

OPEC Believes Oil Prices Are Too High

Crackdown Announced for Baghdad

Marines Corps Investigates Song About Killing Iraqi Civilians

Bush 'Upbeat' About Securing Iraq; Avoids Questions About a Timetable

British Government Ignores Ruling on Gulf War Syndrome

Car Bombs Rock Iraq Following Al-Qaeda Threats

At Least 1,000 UK Soldiers Desert

Some Iraqi Veterans Now Homeless After Return

A Poetic Saddam Ready for the Gallows

Displaced Iraqis 'Living Like Animals'

Iraqi Neighbors Form Citizen Groups to Guard Against Secret Paramilitary Police Raids

Biden: Split Iraq Into 3 Different Regions

Abuse of Prisoners in Iraqi Jails Continues

Mission Accomplished: Al-CIA-duh Leaves Iraq

Mission to get allies into united state for Long War

Utah Pulls Government Info Web Site in Espanol

Illegal Immigration Up Since Senate Bill

HUMOR: Bush Interview as Illegals Jump the Border

Fox Applauds Immigration Vote; Consults with Schwarzeneggar

Immigration Bill Expected to Pass Senate this Week

Mexico works to bar Non-Natives from Jobs

Surge of Volunteers Expected to Help Illegal Immigrants Cross Desert

Mexicans Say Nothing Will Stop Illegal Trips North

Boy Dies Crossing Arizona Desert With Mother

Mexicans Say Guard Won't Slow Migrants

Bush to Speak on Immigration; Ease country into plans for amnesty

Campaign Video Shows Bush Waving Mexican Flag; Targeting Hispanic Voters


Chinese Military Linked to Missile Smuggling

America Meets the New Superpower

Chinese Leader Dines With Bill Gates

Government Increasingly Turning to Data Mining

Google's Not-So-Very-Secret Weapon

British Download Fans Face Legal Backlash

BBC to take on Google and AOL

NY Lawmaker Sues Google for 'Child Porn' profits

Chinese Internet Activists Challenge Censorship

Chinese Internet Writer Charged with Subversion

China's Top Web Sites Pledge Stronger Self-Policing

US Plans More Internet Monitoring Laws

Yahoo May Have Helped Jail China Internet Writer

Google defends censorship practices in China

US To Hit Back if NKorea Tests Missile: US Envoy

Russia Will Not Discuss its Nuclear Weapons With U.S.-- Official

Russia to Boost Military Cooperation with West

Mobile Phones Affect Brain Function - Research

Buy Martial Law 9-11: The Rise of the Police State